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A Granite State Legacy

Our Forever Miss New Hampshires are a celebrated part of the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program's history, with many of them returning each year to our state competition! We are fortunate to have been represented by such incredible women year after year at the Miss America competition, and their legacies are truly the soul of our program.

Forever Miss New Hampshires

2024: Emily Spencer (Bedford, NH)


2023: Brooke Mills (Concord, NH)

2022: Sarah White (Hooksett, NH)

2021: Ashley Marsh (Laconia, NH)

​2019-2020: Sarah Tubbs (Sandown, NH)

​2018: Marisa Moorhouse (Manchester, NH)

​2017: Lauen Percy (Bow, NH)


​2016: Caroline Carter (Dover, NH) - Non-Finalist Talent Award at Miss America


2015: Holly Blanchard (Derry, NH)


2014: Megan Cooley (Auburn, NH)


2013: Samantha Russo (Nashua, NH) - Preliminary Talent Winner at Miss America


2012: Megan Lyman (Gilford, NH)


2011: Regan Elizabeth Hartley (Dover, NH)


2010: Krystal Lee Muccioli (Nashua, NH)


2009: Lindsey Graham (Sandown, NH)


2008: Natalie Shaw (Manchester, NH)


2007: Rachel Barker (Amherst, NH)


2006: Emily Hughes (Gilmanton, NH)


2005: Audra Paquette (Merrimack, NH)


2004: Alyssa Spellman (Derry, NH) - Non-Finalist Interview Award at Miss America


2003: Candace Glickman (Manchester, NH) - Top 10 at Miss America, Preliminary Fitness Winner


2002: Mary Catherine Morin (Bedford, NH)


2001: Katherine Lise Pike (Hooksett, NH)


2000: Lauren Jennifer Meehan (Nashua, NH)


1999: Brandee Helbick (Atkinson, NH)


1998: Heidi Marie Noyes (Laconia, NH)


1997: Michelle Lamontagne (Goffstown, NH)


1996: Michelle Tolson (Manchester, NH)


1995: Stephanie Foisy (Concord, NH)

1994: Shannon Heather Hastings (Newport, NH)


1993: Tricia Ann-Regan McEachern (Hampton, NH) - Preliminary Talent Winner at Miss America


1992: Rachel Alice Petz* (Sanbornton, NH)


1991: Deborah Jean Howard* (Concord, NH)


1990: Melanie Denise Bridges (Derry, NH)


1989: Jennifer Ann Landry (Manchester, NH)


1988: Laura Lourette (Sandown, NH)


1987: Kristen Gamans (Manchester, NH)


1986: Lisa Vandecasteele (Salem, NH)


1985: Tami Jean Brisebois (Deerfield, NH)


1984: Corinne Lucier (Hooksett, NH)


1983: Monica Rastallis (Newport, NH)


1982: Amy Bowker (Amherst, NH)


1981: Natalie Oliver (Manchester, NH)


1980: Diane McGarry (Manchester, NH)


1979: Monica Skiathitis (Manchester, NH)


1978: Belinda Bridgeman (Merrimack, NH)


1977: Jamie Rotwitt (Weirs Beach, NH)


1976: Margaret Spellacy (Hampton, NH)


1975: Catherine Burnham (Goffstown, NH)


1974: Cynthia Erb (Manchester, NH)


1973: Michelle Cote (Manchester, NH)


1972: Jane Badler (Manchester, NH)


1971: Kristi Carlson (Nashua, NH)


1970: Deborah Ann Merrill (Portsmouth, NH)


1969: Catherine Zanichowsky (Nashua, NH)


1968: Michelle Godfrey (Portsmouth, NH)


1967: Sheila Scott (North Hampton, NH)


1966: Nancy Anne Naylor* (Portsmouth, NH) - 4th Runner-up to Miss America

1965: Cheryl-Leigh Buffum (Manchester, NH)

1964: Elizabeth Emerson (Somersworth, NH)

1963: Georgia Taggart (Westport, CT)


1962: Margaret Wass (Barrington, RI)


1961: Annette Lambert (Claremont, NH)


1960: Drina Bouchard (Rochester, NH)


1959: Diane Harris (Manchester, NH)


1958: Mary Morin (Manchester, NH)


1957: Holly Arnel (Manhassett, NY)


1956: Margaret Doyon* (Littleton, NH)


1955: Margaret Johnson (Dover, NH)


1954: Mae Allen (Epping, NH)

1953: Elaine Ruggles (New Castle, NH)

1952: Barbara Temperly (Goffstown, NH)

1951: Colleen Gallant (Laconia, NH)

1950: Betty Laurie (Concord, NH)

1949: Flora Sleeper* (Laconia, NH)


1948: Betty Taylor (Rochester, NH)


1947: Bernice Loiselle (Manchester, NH)



The following historical information was supplied by the late Ric Ferentz of the Miss America Organization.  

There were Miss New Hampshire titleholders prior to 1947 when the Union Leader newspaper took over the Miss New Hampshire Charter. Here is a partial list:


1945: Lee Corey (Lake Spoffard, NH)

1944: Jackie Edson (Plaistow, NH)


1936: Edna Dean Jones (Roxbury) - Semi-Finalist at Miss America

1925: Helen Kanehl (Miss Manchester)

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