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The Teen Sisterhood

Our past Miss New Hampshire's Teen (formerly Miss New Hampshire's Outstanding Teen) titleholders will all tell you the same thing - there's nothing quite like the MNHT Sisterhood! Are you ready to join the list of some truly incredible young women in New Hampshire? You may just become Miss New Hampshire in the future!

Forever Miss New Hampshire's Teens

2024: Kylie Laroche

2023: Siena Lee Muccioli

2022: Corinne Kelly

2020 & 2021: Isabel Povey

2019: Abbi Conard

2018: Morgane Grace Vigroux

2017: Kenzie Goode

2016: Teghan Gregson

2015: Skylar Reniert**

2015: Allie Nault - Crowned Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2016

2014: Caroline Carter - Crowned Miss New Hampshire 2016

2013: Kenya Welch

2012: Eileen Kelley

2011: Lauren Percy  - Crowned Miss New Hampshire 2017

2010: Lauren April

2009: Katrina Rossi

2008: Megan Lyman - Crowned Miss New Hampshire 2012

2007: Julia Neveu

2006: Janine Mitchell

2005: Meghan Lamontagne

** Skylar succeeded to the title of Miss NH's Outstanding Teen 2015 following Allie Nault's crowning as Miss America's Outstanding Teen.

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